eMeet LUNA 全向麥克風

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獨特的 VoiceIA™ 智能降噪技術,有效抑制鍵盤敲擊聲、空調運轉聲等各種會議室背景噪聲





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eMeet Luan Bluetooth Speakerphone

Why do people need eMeet speakerphone during this period for HOME OFFICE?

Although it originally developed and designed for use in conference scenarios, getting more people involved in the meeting room. AS eMeet slogan says, make conference simple.

In actual use, eMeet conference speakerphone not only can be applied to the conference room of the office building, providing more people with high-quality remote conference services, offering clear voice quality in noisy environments, like a café of the business district but can also be a good solution for working at home.


  • Sitting in front of the computer for a long time?
  • Want to stand up and move in the room during the meeting, but so afraid to miss the moment that you need to speak?
  • Long term wearing Bluetooth headset leads to hearing fatigue?


Our professional speakerphones are always devoted to helping you realize long-distance pickup and high-quality calls.

eMeet Speakerphone – essential products for your HOME OFFICE.

eMeet Luan Bluetooth Speakerphone

Daisy Chain Function

eMeet Luna supports daisy chain with another Luna speakerphone to expand the effective meeting space. The cascading function makes Luna more flexible and can easily carry out in both the small meetings that having under 8 attendees and the medium meetings with up to 12 participants.

*Daisy chain cable needs to purchase separately.

Universal Compatibility

eMeet Luna is also highly compatible with various platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime and etc. No matter Win7/8/10 or Mac OS could be easily connected with Luna.

eMeet Luan Bluetooth Speakerphone

Hold a meeting anywhere you want.

Luna's powerful features help you to hold remote meetings easily at any time and any place you wanted. Whether in the office, at home, on a moving car or in an open space, using Luna speakerphone can provide you with the best calling experience. Besides remoting conference, you can also apply it to online learning or teaching and academic speech. Luna speakerphone will be your best partner for business and academics.

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